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Dermaroller 0,25 mm

CZK222.31 CZK152.31

Derma roller or derma roller is a roller with 540 titanium needles with a size of 0.25 mm, which cause painless perforation of the skin surface and, unlike surgical steel, effectively penetrate the stratum corneum and allow massive blood circulation and skin regeneration and more vital color.  Subsequent application of the active substances is many times higher than with the usual application to the upper layer of the skin, because micro-needles increase the permeability much deeper.

Kyselina Hyaluronová 3,5%


It is a synergetic formula with the exact ratio of hyaluronic acid and organic silicon.It tones the skin while giving it firmness.It mitigates the effects of photo-aging and activates the process of regeneration of the epidermal structure, which at the same time hydrates and adds elasticity to it. 

- hyaluronic acid for Hyaluronic Pen application and mesotherapeutic methods 

- volume 10 ml

Jehla injekční růžová


- for easy dosing of hyaluronic acid 

- size 1.2 x 40 mm 

- sterile disposable needles 

- precisely sharpened edges and unique tip construction allow easy penetration

REALASH – pro růst řas. 3ml


REALASH - for eyelash growth (eyelash growth serum)

The growth phases of algae last approximately 30 days. It's too short a time for the lashes to be long and thick. The advanced REALASH recipe accelerates the natural growth of algae and strengthens it at the roots. The result is elongation, healthier appearance and nutrition of eyelashes. REALASH recipes also prevent them from falling out.

The final result after taking REALASH eyelash serum will be visible after 30 days, but you will see the first positive changes within 14 days. Your lashes will be stronger, healthier and nourished. After 21 days, the results will be even more amazing! Your new self after a few weeks! REALASH eyelash growth serum - only recommended for eyelash growth !!

Uklidňující směs do koupele BW ANTISTRESS BATH 90g


The BW ANTISTRESS BATH bath mixture (against stress, depression, anxiety) is suitable for home relaxation of people who are looking for a way to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. The mixture contains specially selected ingredients, see description.

Kyselina hyaluronová BW Anti-wrinkle Gel 30ml

CZK495.04 -50% CZK247.52

Hyaluronic acid BW Anti-wrinkle Gel 30ml contains hyaluronic acid with the highest possible concentration of 3%! Hyuluronic acid is the serum of youth. It is suitable for the face in combination with a titanium derma roller, for better application to the skin.

ORPHICA ARROW oční tužka


The ARROW eye pencil is a soft pencil that is perfect for highlighting your eyes. ARROW will provide you with intense color throughout the day. The eye pencil is available in black, nude, menthol.

Her recipe has been enriched with the highest quality natural extracts that protect sensitive skin in the eye area. The built-in spreading sponge allows you to get exactly the effect you want.