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Masážní olej Dr.nek Maderotherapy


Dr.nek Maderotherapy massage oil is a mixture of high-quality vegetable oils - almond and macadamia. It is suitable for massage of the whole body, face and décolleté. It is also suitable as a high quality carrier oil.

It contains a balanced ratio of healing substances with a healing ability. Dr.nek Maderotherapy massage oil has antioxidant effects, treats, regenerates and smoothes the skin. Helps care for acne skin.

It is suitable for any skin type, especially for dry, eczematous, cracked, overloaded and sunburned skin. Hydrates and regenerates very quickly and for a long time. Adds natural softness and suppleness to the skin. Soothes the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

It is very suitable for children's skin.