Body Wraps

Body Wraps are body wraps in the form of a wrap, which are divided according to the needs of the customer and his weighted goal.

The wrap method has been used since ancient Egyptian civilization. We know her from Florida, USA, where these wraps have been praised by almost all Hollywood stars for over 30 years, and you can find her in every better beauty salon or fitness.

Our company Dr. Nek offers Body Wraps Home (for home use) in 4 different specializations or as a service for professionals (fitness, beauty salons, etc.) divided into 7 types of Body Wraps body wraps and are divided as follows:

Body Wraps Slim

Body Wraps SLIM MOTHERS (suitable for moms)

Body Wraps Skin care (detoxification and beautiful skin)

Body Wraps Anticellulite (anti-cellulite)

Body Wraps Anticellulite Maderotherapy (combination of Body Wraps Anticellulite and massages called Maderotherapy)

Body Wraps Sport (improving performance and muscle regeneration)

Body Wraps Antistress (helps relieve stress and depression)

In this Body Wraps category, we have grouped everything about this service for professionals and for home use.

Body Wraps

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BODY WRAPS SLIM Online training + 1x starting mini set


Body Wraps Slim ONLINE TRAINING + 1 starting mini BW Slim KIT:

- online video training Body Wraps Slim, which we will send you

- mini set BW Slim, which contains (mixture, bandages, FatKiller burner, meter, thermo box, thermo suit, 11 teas, 1 tea to prepare during the procedure, leaflets for recording peace)

- written documents 

- Body Wraps Slim certificate

- contact the Body Wraps Slim trainer for additional questions and consultations, see the end of the training video (for information, please report the data from the certificate)

As one of the few, we can teach you Body Wraps at the best level. The guarantee of the quality of the training is many years of experience with training and operation of brands such as Maderotherapy, Hyaluron Pen, etc.

Sauna kalhoty Body Wraps


Thermo pants are part of the thermo suit, but they can also be purchased separately, they are excellent for aerobic training and weight loss. The thermal suit is almost airtight and the heat generated during training remains inside the suit, which promotes more efficient calorie burning.