Certifikované kurzy - včetně příslušenství

Certifikované kurzy - včetně příslušenství

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Dr.nek SPRAY TAN Online course + certificate + device


What is Dr. Nek Spray Tan (Sunless Tannig Spray)

Sunless Spray Tanning issaferthan taking arisk of being exposedto ultraviolet radiation. Because of the unique sprayinjection system, we can ensurepermanent covering of skin imperfections, such as pigment spots, acne, vitiligo, rosacea, scars, etc. You can also corigate the tanning intensity as you need. 


Sunless Spray Tanning is suitable for everyone who needs to get an attractive bronze appearance within a few hours. It is a perfect solution for one-time occasions, such as weddings, fashion shows, parties.

Spray tanning is carrying out by the certified staff. The manipulation with the airbrush machine is easy and safe and very effective. One sunless tanning application corresponds upto eight visits of the solarium. As a result, you get an intensive natural brown color on your skin and its effect is noticeable after three hours and darkens gradually. If the desired shade is sufficient, you can take a shower to remove the rest of color. 

The application of sunless tanning spray is safe. The active ingredient that causes a tan on the skin is DHA. Self-tanning cosmetics have a great advantage over solarium or sunbathing, it cannot cause skin burns, health problems and, last but not least, dry out the skin and thus speed up the formation of wrinkles.

Dr.nek MASSAGE GUN s ON-LINE kurzem a certifikátem


ON-LINE video course of a massage pistol with a certificate and printed materials

Professional online massage gun course includes:

· Online video massage gun course

· Printed materials including anatomy and trigger points.

· Certificate in the name of the graduate

The massage pistol is an aid mediating the so-called percussion massage, and in the online course you will learn how to perform a pistol massage correctly, both on yourself and on someone else. The head of a massage pistol, driven by an electric motor, vibrates relatively strongly at a frequency of several tens of strokes per second, and the correct design is very important for this. Thanks to the correct use and technique, we are able to achieve a very intensive and effective massage of muscle tissues, compared to the hands of a masseur, in a very short time. In the printed materials you will find all the necessary information, including anatomy and so-called trigger points. The intensity of the massage is regulated by the degree of pressure of the pistol on the body. You will also find the selection of interchangeable heads and the setting of the tapping frequency described in the online course. Furthermore, the online course contains a demonstration of the operation of a massage pistol. The massage pistol is an ideal helper for athletes and people with a sedentary lifestyle. Relieves muscle tension and stiffness. Regenerates muscles after sports performance. Increases range of motion and improves blood flow. It helps in the regeneration of scars, increases the flow of lymph (reduction of swelling in the limbs).

HYALURON PEN Online training including hyaluron foam


What will I get for the Hyaluron Pen training / course?

  • Complete materials (materials) for Hyaluron Pen in printed form in Czech or Slovak

  • Hyaluron Pen

  • You will receive a Hyaluron Pen certificate valid worldwide

  • 5x disposable sterile tip for Hyaluron Pen

  • hyaluronic acid is not part of the package (you can order here)

As one of the few, we can teach you the Hyaluron Pen at the best level. The guarantee of the quality of the training is many years of experience with training and operation of brands such as Body Wraps, Maderotherapy (Madero Therapy), etc.

BODY WRAPS SLIM Online training + 1x starting mini set


Body Wraps Slim ONLINE TRAINING + 1 starting mini BW Slim KIT:

- online video training Body Wraps Slim, which we will send you

- mini set BW Slim, which contains (mixture, bandages, FatKiller burner, meter, thermo box, thermo suit, 11 teas, 1 tea to prepare during the procedure, leaflets for recording peace)

- written documents 

- Body Wraps Slim certificate

- contact the Body Wraps Slim trainer for additional questions and consultations, see the end of the training video (for information, please report the data from the certificate)

As one of the few, we can teach you Body Wraps at the best level. The guarantee of the quality of the training is many years of experience with training and operation of brands such as Maderotherapy, Hyaluron Pen, etc.

Online kurz BALANČNÍCH PODLOŽEK např. BOSU včetně balanční podložky


Online kurz balančních podložek Vás naučí jak správně cvičit a využívat balanční pomůcky jako je například Bosu, Balanční podložka od InsportLine aj.  Balanční pomůcky jsou skvělým náčiním nejen pro rehabilitační či posilovací trénink, strečink, ale i pro kardio trénink, který na nich může být velice zábavný. Po absolvování tohoto kurzu budete schopni vést skupinovou lekci, umět využít balanční podložky v praxi pro svůj trénink, popř. pro trénink Vašeho klienta.

On-line školení maderotherapy face


Maderotherapy Face ONLINE training

  The online course includes:

- video course Maderotherapy Face, which we will send to your email

- set of 4 wooden massage elements BW Maderotherapy Face

- massage oil

- obtaining a certificate

- written documents in Czech or Slovak - please enter the language in

   label when ordering

- Contact Maderotherapy Face trainers for questions and tutorials. You will find it at the end of the training video (please report the data from the certificate before submitting the information).

Maderotherapy ONLINE training for 2 people from the salon:

- this training is intended for the second person from the salon

- can only be purchased together with the main training

- the person obtains a certificate

- Maderotherapy Face is not available for this training



MADEROTHERAPY ONLINE TRAINING + Set of 7 pcs of wooden elements + OILS


Madero Therapy ONLINE training (video) + set of 7 wooden tools for Madero Therapy + oils:

- Online video Madero Therapy training that we will send you

- Set of 7 wooden massage tools for Madero Therapy

- 2 pcs of oil

- Written documents in English, Czech or Slovak - enter the language in the description when ordering

Madero Therapy certificate valid worldwide

Video course Dr.Nek Lash & Brow lamination including set for eyebrow lamination and eyelash lamination (permanent for eyelashes)


Online course in eyebrow and eyelash lamination

We offer you the opportunity to learn this procedure from the comfort of your home and apply it to yourself. If you are a beautician, you can also learn eyebrow lamination in the comfort of your home and continue to offer this procedure at your salon.

 We have the course in two variants. For professionals and the general public.

What will we teach you at the beautician course?

We will teach beauticians to measure perfectly and choose the right shape of eyebrows.

We will teach you the procedure of the whole eyebrow lamination procedure and also eyelash lamination.

We will add a few tips from practice.

We will mention all contraindications and recommendations before and after the procedure.


What will we teach the general public in the course?

We will teach you eyebrow lamination on yourself or on your friend.

We will also teach you the procedure of eyelash lamination.

We will show how to easily measure the eyebrows.

We will clearly describe the procedure of work and operation of individual products.

We recommend how to take care of your eyebrows and eyelashes, what to do and not to do.

Dr.nek Online course Brazilian Maderotherapy including 5 massage bells, oil


Brazilian Maderotherapy online course including 5 massage bells, oil, certificate, script and video course on flash drive

 Online training includes:

· A set of 5 wooden massage bells of various sizes

· Massage cinnamon heating oil

· Certificate of completion of the course

· Printed script in Czech or Slovak language

· Video course with the exact procedure of massage on a flash drive

· Contact the Brazilian Maderotherapy trainer for additional questions and

· Consultation. See the script on the last page