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BW Tea Slim čaj na hubnutí 20 x 1,5g


Herbal tea BW Tea Slim tea for weight loss to promote the degradation of fats in the body and to maintain body weight is the answer to the question of how to lose weight. Herbal Teas BW Tea Slim Slimming Tea helps maintain a normal body weight. It has stimulating effects, supplies energy, helps with fatigue, stress, mental and physical exhaustion. You can find more information about the product BW Tea Slim tea for weight loss in the description. All herbal teas from Body Wraps are hand-packed for you in the sheltered Progrespo workshop!

Masážní olej BW CHLADIVÁ 1l


Cooling massage oil is intended for universal use not only for powerful athletes, but also for ordinary consumers. This emulsion (Massage oil) is characterized by a cooling effect, it is intended for all types of sports and fitness massages and car massages. Does not dry out or irritate the skin. The massage removes fatigue, evokes a feeling of refreshment and lightness, improves physical and mental condition. This massage emulsion (massage oil) can also be used preventively against muscle cramps.

Kyselina hyaluronová BW Anti-wrinkle Gel 30ml


Hyaluronic acid BW Anti-wrinkle Gel 30ml contains hyaluronic acid with the highest possible concentration of 3%! Hyuluronic acid is the serum of youth. It is suitable for the face in combination with a titanium derma roller, for better application to the skin.

Set odvodnění organismu měsíční kúra (20sáčků + 60tobolek)


The set of dehydration of the organism monthly treatment is composed of 2 products and helps to dehydrate the organism. BW TEA Lymphatic herbal tea supports the lymphatic system and BW Pills LightLegs help maintain normal blood flow and drain the body. The unique combination of these 2 tried and tested products dehydrating the body's monthly treatment is a guaranteed fighter with excess water in the body.

BW Tea Lymphatic čaj na odvodnění 20 x 1,5g


Herbal teas BW Tea Lymphatic tea for dehydration (Dehydration of the body) are herbal teas with a newly formulated recipe to support the lymphatic system and drain water from the body, thus dehydrating the body. Birch helps maintain normal urinary tract function, has a positive effect on kidney function. Dehydration tea also contains butterbur, which stimulates the excretion of water by the urinary system, helps eliminate harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. All herbal teas from Body Wraps are hand-packed for you in the sheltered Progrespo workshop! For more information, see the description of BW Tea Lymphatic tea for dehydration.

Masážní olej BW MENTOL 1l


This massage oil helps with fatigue and pain caused by overload. The application of this massage paraffin oil has a cooling effect thanks to menthol and generally stimulates and refreshes the body. Massage oil with menthol is free of perfumes, dyes and preservatives. Thanks to this, Menthol massage oil is suitable for sensitive skin and has a positive effect on the skin.

MADEROTHERAPY ONLINE TRAINING + Set of 7 pcs of wooden elements + OILS


Madero Therapy ONLINE training (video) + set of 7 wooden tools for Madero Therapy + oils:

- Online video Madero Therapy training that we will send you

- Set of 7 wooden massage tools for Madero Therapy

- 2 pcs of oil

- Written documents in English, Czech or Slovak - enter the language in the description when ordering

Madero Therapy certificate valid worldwide

Set Antistres měsíční kúra (20sáčků + 30tobolek)


Set Antistress Monthly Treatment - BW TEA Antistress + BW Pills Antistress is a combination of two products and answers to frequently asked questions about stress, depression and anxiety. It works great thanks to a unique tea mixture for maintaining a good mood + a high amount of L-tryptophan. Suitable for busy people and everyone who feels threatened by stress, depression, anxiety.

BW Tea Antistress 20 x 1,5g


Herbal teas BW Tea Antistress (stress, depression, anxiety) is a unique tea blend for maintaining a good mood. Herbal teas contain chamomile which contributes to optimal relaxation, mental and physical well-being, helps maintain good sleep. Herbal teas are invaluable in reducing stress, depression, anxiety. All herbal teas from Body Wraps are hand-packed for you in the sheltered Progrespo workshop!