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Dárkové balíčky/sety

Chcete potěšit někoho jiného dárkem ,který je tou nejlepší investicí a to je do zdraví? Nebo chcete uděla něco pro svoje zdraví?

Tak to jsme pro vás připravili kategorii Dárkové balíčky/sety kde naleznete dárky pro muže tak i dárky pro ženy. V naší nabídce naleznete vyzkoučené a pro vás navrhnuté kompletní měsíční kúry (sety) ,které jsou rozděleny pro každého na míru dle problematik a potřeb. Např: SET ODVODNĚNÍ ORGANISMU MĚSÍČNÍ KÚRA, SET ANTISTRES MĚSÍČNÍ KÚRA, SET REGENERACE A ÚNAVA MĚSÍČNÍ KÚRA, SET JAK ZHUBNOUT MĚSÍČNÍ KÚRA, SET DETOXIKACE ORGANISMU MĚSÍČNÍ KÚRA. Do pomyslné sekce dárky pro ženy můžeme zahrnout celou tuto kategorii včetně ANTICELULITIDNÍHO SETU: ROLLER + OLEJ. Mezi dárky pro muže lze také využít vše. Jen doporučíme vynechat ANTICELULITIDNÍ SET: ROLLER + OLEJ :-) 

Dárkové balíčky/sety

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Set odvodnění organismu měsíční kúra (20sáčků + 60tobolek)


The set of dehydration of the organism monthly treatment is composed of 2 products and helps to dehydrate the organism. BW TEA Lymphatic herbal tea supports the lymphatic system and BW Pills LightLegs help maintain normal blood flow and drain the body. The unique combination of these 2 tried and tested products dehydrating the body's monthly treatment is a guaranteed fighter with excess water in the body.

Set Antistres měsíční kúra (20sáčků + 30tobolek)


Set Antistress Monthly Treatment - BW TEA Antistress + BW Pills Antistress is a combination of two products and answers to frequently asked questions about stress, depression and anxiety. It works great thanks to a unique tea mixture for maintaining a good mood + a high amount of L-tryptophan. Suitable for busy people and everyone who feels threatened by stress, depression, anxiety.

Set regenerace a únava měsíční kúra (20sáčků + 30tablet)


The regeneration and fatigue monthly treatment set includes: BW TEA Skin & Regeneration + BW Pills NervEnergy & Sport and is a combination of 2 products. BW TEA Skin & Regeneration Regeneration Fatigue Relief and BW TEA Skin & Regeneration Regeneration Fatigue - Contains Magnesium supports normal nervous system activity and mental activity, helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion. It is an ideal helper for mature fatigue and regeneration. More about the product in the description.

Set jak zhubnout měsíční kúra


Set how to lose weight monthly treatment

The unique combination of tried-and-tested BW PILLS Fat Killer fat burner, BW PILLS Slim weight loss and BW Tea Slim slimming tea is a guaranteed helper to your dream figure and the answer to the question of how to lose weight. The treatment will last 30 days and as a bonus to the set how to lose weight, the monthly treatment will receive a FREE menu for 4 weeks !! You can find the use of fat burners, weight loss pills and weight loss tea in the video. More information can be found in the description of the Set how to lose weight monthly treatment.

Set detoxikace organismu měsíční kúra


Set Detoxification of the body monthly cure is a unique combination of tried PREPARATIONS BW Pills Spirulina and chlorella, BW Aloe Vera and BW Tea Detox detoxification and cleansing of the body and is a guaranteed helper in Detoxification of the body. The detoxification treatment of the organism will take 30 days and as a bonus you will receive a diet for 4 weeks FREE OF CHARGE !! Set Detoxification of the body monthly treatment detailed description of products in the description.

Set Body Wraps BELLY – pás na hubnutí


Body Wraps BELLY is a set that contains a number of helpers for burning fat in the abdomen. The package includes a neoprene strip for thermal insulation in problem areas, heating emulsion and food supplement BW Pills Fat killer for faster combustion.

The belt is suitable for wearing both after a classic birth and after a caesarean section, it works as a support for the relaxed muscles in the abdomen.

The Belly belt can also be a good helper for shoulder pain. Wearing it will create support in the lumbar part of your back.

You can buy the design of the set in two color versions for men and women.


Dárkový poukaz do Dr.nek Salon


Darčekový poukaz do nášho salónu Dr.Nek na adrese Kloboučnická 1442/4.


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Maderotherapy Home edition

CZK2,471.07 CZK1,471.07

Maderotherapy for home use is a set of specially designed wooden elements for massaging yourself, to blood supply the subcutaneous tissue and activation of the lymphatic system for the best results in the fight against cellulite and body improvement. And as a bonus, we included a proven anti-cellulite oil in the set, which will also help with overall warm-up, and last but not least, we wanted to support the lymphatic system with BW Tea LYMPHATIC tea and help with excess water in the body. Everything you need about maderotherapy and your body can be found in printed scripts, and for the simplest possible use, we have prepared a video tutorial with our trainer on how to use the Maderotherapy home edition set.

What does the maderotherapy home set contain:

• 2 rollers

• 1 spatula

• Cinnamon oil

• Lymphatic tea

• Everything packed in a wooden gift box