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Jehla injekční růžová


- for easy dosing of hyaluronic acid 

- size 1.2 x 40 mm 

- sterile disposable needles 

- precisely sharpened edges and unique tip construction allow easy penetration

BW Tea Slim čaj na hubnutí 20 x 1,5g


Herbal tea BW Tea Slim tea for weight loss to promote the degradation of fats in the body and to maintain body weight is the answer to the question of how to lose weight. Herbal Teas BW Tea Slim Slimming Tea helps maintain a normal body weight. It has stimulating effects, supplies energy, helps with fatigue, stress, mental and physical exhaustion. You can find more information about the product BW Tea Slim tea for weight loss in the description. All herbal teas from Body Wraps are hand-packed for you in the sheltered Progrespo workshop!

REALASH – pro růst řas. 3ml


REALASH - for eyelash growth (eyelash growth serum)

The growth phases of algae last approximately 30 days. It's too short a time for the lashes to be long and thick. The advanced REALASH recipe accelerates the natural growth of algae and strengthens it at the roots. The result is elongation, healthier appearance and nutrition of eyelashes. REALASH recipes also prevent them from falling out.

The final result after taking REALASH eyelash serum will be visible after 30 days, but you will see the first positive changes within 14 days. Your lashes will be stronger, healthier and nourished. After 21 days, the results will be even more amazing! Your new self after a few weeks! REALASH eyelash growth serum - only recommended for eyelash growth !!

BW Tea Lymphatic čaj na odvodnění 20 x 1,5g


Herbal teas BW Tea Lymphatic tea for dehydration (Dehydration of the body) are herbal teas with a newly formulated recipe to support the lymphatic system and drain water from the body, thus dehydrating the body. Birch helps maintain normal urinary tract function, has a positive effect on kidney function. Dehydration tea also contains butterbur, which stimulates the excretion of water by the urinary system, helps eliminate harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. All herbal teas from Body Wraps are hand-packed for you in the sheltered Progrespo workshop! For more information, see the description of BW Tea Lymphatic tea for dehydration.

Dermaroller 0,25 mm

CZK222.31 CZK152.31

Derma roller or derma roller is a roller with 540 titanium needles with a size of 0.25 mm, which cause painless perforation of the skin surface and, unlike surgical steel, effectively penetrate the stratum corneum and allow massive blood circulation and skin regeneration and more vital color.  Subsequent application of the active substances is many times higher than with the usual application to the upper layer of the skin, because micro-needles increase the permeability much deeper.

Dr.nek Hyaluronic Acid


Dr.Nek Hyaluronic Acid

Crosslinked hyaluronic acid in a concentration of 35% specially developed for a hyaluronic pen.

The task for our technologist, who developed and produced the acid for us, was to make the acid last in the lips and wrinkles as long as possible. Simply put, the effect of enlarging the lips and smoothing the wrinkles lasts as long as possible, but at the same time the acid can be used with a hyaluronic pen.