List of products by brand TOUCH

TOUCH kondicionér na nehty a nehtovou kůžičku - 15ml



Clean and well-groomed nails create a great first impression. Unfortunately, beautiful, healthy and strong nails are often just a dream. Nails often break and are brittle and the cuticle is peeled and dried. To prevent this, we at ORPHICA have developed the TOUCH line - for regeneration and hand care.

TOUCH nail and cuticle conditioner, enriched with the Deep Regeneration Therapy formula, offers intensive care for dry and brittle nails. It helps repair damage caused by chemicals and styling, revitalizes and strengthens dry and brittle nails, so they are properly hydrated. Natural ingredients nourish and soften the cuticle, give the nails a healthy shine and prevent their splitting, which contributes to better resistance to external influences. The product was dermatologically tested.

TOUCH krém na ruce - 100ml



Because hands are most often exposed to adverse external influences, comprehensive care is really worthwhile. Bacteria, harmful substances and low temperatures are among the factors that cause micro-damage, skin cracking, bruising and loss of elasticity. To make you forget about dry skin and ensure a healthy look for your hands, ORPHICA has developed its own TOUCH line - for the regeneration and care of the skin of the hands.

TOUCH hand cream, enriched with the Intensive Moisture Therapy formula, intensively regenerates and nourishes the skin while maintaining its elasticity and firmness. After application to the skin, it is covered with an invisible, protective, waterproof layer. The product is rich in natural ingredients, softens and hydrates irritated skin on the hands and brings relief to dry and cracked hands. The cream nourishes, speeds up the skin's regeneration process, softens wrinkles and acts as an antioxidant. The product was dermatologically tested.