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Facial sauna inSPORTline Cison


Facial sauna with which you can indulge in a good dose of relaxation and at the same time achieve deep skin hydration, thanks to which it will help you on the way to removing acne and other skin imperfections.

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Facial sauna inSPORTline Cison

The inSPORTline Cison facial sauna will help you on the way to perfect skin. Everyone certainly loves the feeling of fresh and hydrated skin after sauna. How about indulging in this feeling whenever you want, in the comfort of your home? This is exactly what this inSPORTline Cison facial sauna is destined for! To ensure perfect relaxation and at the same time improve your skin.

Water, which turns into hot nano steam, can open pores and deeply hydrate the skin. Thanks to this, all impurities and sebum are released, the control is absolutely simple and really anyone can handle it - all you have to do is add water, put on the head and press the button. Regular use of the Cison facial sauna will achieve a fresh and beautiful appearance of the skin.


The main benefits of regular use of the inSPORTline Cison facial sauna:

It opens the pores

Releases grease and dirt


Moisturizes the skin deeply

Technical description:

effective deep hydration of the skin

helps eliminate all skin imperfections

releases sebum and impurities

easy to use

water to steam conversion in 20 seconds

use only distilled or filtered water

do not use the sauna more than twice a day for 10 minutes

keep your face from the sauna at least about 20 cm

operating time: 10 minutes

power: 300 W

voltage: 110V - 220V

steam volume: 6.5 g / min

container volume: 65 ml

dimensions: h25 x w11 x d14 cm

weight: 470 g

do not use the device more often than recommended in the manual


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