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Infra LED panel inSPORTline Adacer


Revolutionary device for red and infrared light therapy. Countless positive effects on the human body with regular use.

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Infra LED panel inSPORTline Adacer

If you feel constantly tired and without energy, we have a solution for you! The inSPORTline Adacer infrared LED panel opens the door to a new world full of new possibilities! For most people, staying in the sun is only a natural and common affair, which is necessary for life, but few look for a deeper meaning for it. Nowadays, when we spend over 90% of our time in buildings, we need to keep in mind that our body lacks sunlight, which recharges our so-called flashlights. Lack of sunlight can lead to reduced energy, memory problems, decreased performance, slowed reactions or frequent migraines. Our cells need to produce cellular energy to function, and for this process they need certain light spectra of the sun.

The Adacer infrared LED panel can represent the sun to a large extent in this respect. It stimulates mitochondria in our cells and can improve their functions in energy production. And if our cells are full of energy, then our body is also healthy and full of energy. The panel has 180 high-quality diodes - both red light (RED) and near infrared (NIR). The red spectrum is visible to the eye and is absorbed mainly by the skin, while near infrared light is not visible to the naked eye and penetrates deeper into our body, where it has a positive effect on our mitochondria, organ cells and endocrine glands.

A wide range of users

Whether they are users with health problems, seniors, students who need to improve their concentration before difficult tests, athletes who want to improve their performance and accelerate regeneration in this way or you want to buy an LED panel to improve skin quality or only for preventive purposes. , it will definitely be a good investment!

Countless positive benefits of regular use

The main benefits of light therapy include the strengthening of the immune system, a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep and the natural start of the healing process in inflammatory diseases. With regular use, there is a so-called photobiomodulation effect, which has the effect of increasing physical fitness, accelerating regeneration after sports performance and gaining new strength after strenuous brain activity. Side benefits include relaxing and calming the body, relieving fatigue and improving mental health. Infrared light therapy is also increasingly used in beauty salons, for its beneficial effects on the skin, with which it can literally work wonders after an increase in collagen levels.


Higher sports performance, better cognitive function

Better concentration at work

Higher collagen production - better skin quality

Increased nitric oxide in the blood

Improving sleep quality

Faster healing of sore muscles and injuries

Reduction of inflammation in the body

Production of more energy for individual organs

Increased resistance to stress

Technical description:

beneficial effects on your body

recharges your imaginary batteries

can largely represent the sun

easy operation

possibility of connection with another panel

use at a distance of 15 - 91 cm

duration of use: 5 - 12 minutes (twice a day)

Approximate wavelength of lights relative to distance:

> 107mW / cm2 for a distance of 15 cm

> 88mW / cm2 for a distance of 30 cm

> 49mW / cm2 for a distance of 91 cm

LED light type: red, infrared

number of LED lights: 180

dimensions: 960 x 220 mm

weight: 8 kg

power supply: 220V, 230V

remote control and goggles included


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