Dr.nek Cosmetics Anticellulite OIL jedinečný prohřívací olej proti celulitidě 1L


Anti-cellulite massage oil is a professional anti-cellulite product that heats the problem areas at the site of cellulite, which speeds up metabolism and thus removes cellulite.

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Anticellulite OIL is a unique warming oil against cellulite.

This professional anti-cellulite product heats the problem areas at the site of cellulite, thus speeding up the metabolism and thus removing cellulite.

We recommend a massage of problem areas twice a day. If you exercise, you run to thoroughly lubricate before each exercise.

Loss of cellulite visibly demonstrated after a month of use in combination with car massage or exercise.

This product is suitable for use with various anti-cellulite peels, especially with Body Wraps Anticellulite.

We do not recommend using it during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for small children. We do not recommend using on the face.

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Roller proti celulitidě


This roller is the ideal fighter against cellulite from the comfort of your home! We use the anti-cellulite roller for our body wraps aimed at anti-cellulite.

MADEROTHERAPY ONLINE TRAINING + Set of 7 pcs of wooden elements + OILS


Madero Therapy ONLINE training (video) + set of 7 wooden tools for Madero Therapy + oils:

- Online video Madero Therapy training that we will send you

- Set of 7 wooden massage tools for Madero Therapy

- 2 pcs of oil

- Written documents in English, Czech or Slovak - enter the language in the description when ordering

Madero Therapy certificate valid worldwide

Body Wraps Home - Anticellulite


The scarecrow of today's cellulite, let's reduce it together with the help of the Body Wraps anticellulite home wrap. 

BW home wrap anticellulite contains: 

- mixture for wrap, number according to the purchased variant (1 pc, 3 pcs, 6 pcs) 

- bandages 10 pcs 

- thermal pants 1 pc 

- BW Tea Slim 

- BW Fat Killer 

- BW Anticellulite oil + roller (according to selected variant) 

- printed materials 

- video tutorial