REALASH – pro růst řas. 3ml


REALASH - for eyelash growth (eyelash growth serum)

The growth phases of algae last approximately 30 days. It's too short a time for the lashes to be long and thick. The advanced REALASH recipe accelerates the natural growth of algae and strengthens it at the roots. The result is elongation, healthier appearance and nutrition of eyelashes. REALASH recipes also prevent them from falling out.

The final result after taking REALASH eyelash serum will be visible after 30 days, but you will see the first positive changes within 14 days. Your lashes will be stronger, healthier and nourished. After 21 days, the results will be even more amazing! Your new self after a few weeks! REALASH eyelash growth serum - only recommended for eyelash growth !!

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Revolutionary eyelash growth serum - tested and works.
Your natural lashes will be 83% longer and 79% thicker. The serum will highlight your natural beauty and you will have longer and thicker lashes. Realash is the best solution if you have thin and weakened lashes, or you want to support growth and regeneration when wearing false lashes.
The growth of algae lasts approximately 30 days and, thanks to the Realash recipe, it strengthens their growth from the roots. The product also prevents excessive eyelash loss.
It is very easy to use. After evening make-up removal and drying of the skin, apply Realash on the upper lid to the roots of the lashes. Repeat every evening for 3 months, then to maintain results for at least 2-3 weeks.
Thanks to the practicality of the brush, which looks like an eyeliner, application will be easy.
The REALASH formula has been subjected to thorough clinical tests, which have confirmed that the active ingredients add length, density and help protect the lashes from breaking and falling out.
- stronger algae— nourished algae by 50%
- healthier looking lashes - more flexible lashes by 75%
- 79% thicker lashes— 83% longer lashes

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