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copy of Masážní olej BW ORCHIDEJ 1l


This massage oil helps to rejuvenate the skin, nourishes and regenerates the skin. Helps with increased mental exertion, depression and stress. The delicate scent of orchid with this massage oil evokes a pleasant feeling of relaxation and vitality.

Pressensa FIRMNESSE for face & body


It strengthens and tones cellular tissue, restores the structure of mature skin, increases the elasticity and hydration of the skin on the body and face. It fights against sagging skin, against aging and brightens the skin on the face. The product contains some of the most active firming agents: panthenol, DMAE, organic silicon, Centella asiatica, collagen, magnesium and thiamine (B1). FIRMNESSE turns off the skin without reducing natural facial expressions, while strengthening both dermal and subdermal tissue. It helps regenerate cells, increases muscle tension and strengthens the skin so that it regains its natural density, elasticity and smooth texture.