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Dermaroller 0,25 mm

CZK222.31 CZK152.31

Derma roller or derma roller is a roller with 540 titanium needles with a size of 0.25 mm, which cause painless perforation of the skin surface and, unlike surgical steel, effectively penetrate the stratum corneum and allow massive blood circulation and skin regeneration and more vital color.  Subsequent application of the active substances is many times higher than with the usual application to the upper layer of the skin, because micro-needles increase the permeability much deeper.

Kyselina hyaluronová BW Anti-wrinkle Gel 30ml

CZK495.04 -50% CZK247.52

Hyaluronic acid BW Anti-wrinkle Gel 30ml contains hyaluronic acid with the highest possible concentration of 3%! Hyuluronic acid is the serum of youth. It is suitable for the face in combination with a titanium derma roller, for better application to the skin.

Maderotherapy Home edition

CZK2,471.07 CZK1,471.07

Maderotherapy for home use is a set of specially designed wooden elements for massaging yourself, to blood supply the subcutaneous tissue and activation of the lymphatic system for the best results in the fight against cellulite and body improvement. And as a bonus, we included a proven anti-cellulite oil in the set, which will also help with overall warm-up, and last but not least, we wanted to support the lymphatic system with BW Tea LYMPHATIC tea and help with excess water in the body. Everything you need about maderotherapy and your body can be found in printed scripts, and for the simplest possible use, we have prepared a video tutorial with our trainer on how to use the Maderotherapy home edition set.

What does the maderotherapy home set contain:

• 2 rollers

• 1 spatula

• Cinnamon oil

• Lymphatic tea

• Everything packed in a wooden gift box