Jednorázová tanga – dámská


Women's disposable thong can be used for all figures (S-XXL), they are stretchable and adapt very well to the figure.

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Women's disposable thong can be used for all figures (S-XXL), they are stretchable and adapt very well to the figure.

These thongs are disposable.

Thongs are ideal for a full-body Body Wraps wrap, as well as other procedures in a beauty or massage salon.

We also offer disposable thongs for men.


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The belt is suitable for wearing both after a classic birth and after a caesarean section, it works as a support for the relaxed muscles in the abdomen.

The Belly belt can also be a good helper for shoulder pain. Wearing it will create support in the lumbar part of your back.

You can buy the design of the set in two color versions for men and women.


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The length of the meter is 1.5 m / 60 inches, plastic with a button for winding.

Jednorázová podprsenka


Suitable for any figure thanks to its elasticity, ideal for a full-body Body Wraps wrap and other cosmetic procedures or massages.

Jednorázová tanga – pánská


Jednorázová tanga jsou ideální pro celotělový zábal Body Wraps, ale mohou se využít i pro jiné účely kosmetického či masérského salónu.

Díky přizpůsobivému materiálu jsou vhodná pro každou postavu.