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Set Body Wraps BELLY – pás na hubnutí


Body Wraps BELLY is a set that contains a number of helpers for burning fat in the abdomen. The package includes a neoprene strip for thermal insulation in problem areas, heating emulsion and food supplement BW Pills Fat killer for faster combustion.

The belt is suitable for wearing both after a classic birth and after a caesarean section, it works as a support for the relaxed muscles in the abdomen.

The Belly belt can also be a good helper for shoulder pain. Wearing it will create support in the lumbar part of your back.

You can buy the design of the set in two color versions for men and women.


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Body Wraps BELLY weight loss belt contains:

NEW - BW PILLS food supplement for better fat burning Fat Killer (fat burner)

250 ml warming emulsion for better blood circulation to the skin

corset neoprene belt with bandage

example of diet, info. about drinking regime, examples of exercises

Contraindications (when you must not use the belt):


fever, inflammatory disease

for food allergies chili, camphor and ginger and do not use a warming emulsion

psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases of the abdomen

After suffering from a serious illness, surgery, in case of hormonal disorders, please consult your doctor

instructions can be found inside the package

Please make sure you select the correct belt size! (bigger - better)

S 55-65cm

M 65-80cm

L 80-90cm

XL 90-100cm

XXL 100cm - 110cm


Waist circumference in the range.

How to use Body Wraps BELLY weight loss belt?


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