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Dr.nek Maderotherapy Spiral roller with handle


Spiral roller with handle

- Length including handle 45 cm, length of massage part 27 cm x diameter at the center 11 cm

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Spiral roller with handle

- Length including handle 45 cm, length of massage part 27 cm x diameter at the center 11 cm

What games can it be used for?

- front thighs, back thighs, buttocks, abdomen


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MADEROTHERAPY ONLINE TRAINING + Set of 7 pcs of wooden elements + OILS


Madero Therapy ONLINE training (video) + set of 7 wooden tools for Madero Therapy + oils:

- Online video Madero Therapy training that we will send you

- Set of 7 wooden massage tools for Madero Therapy

- 2 pcs of oil

- Written documents in English, Czech or Slovak - enter the language in the description when ordering

Madero Therapy certificate valid worldwide

On-line školení maderotherapy face


Maderotherapy Face ONLINE training

  The online course includes:

- video course Maderotherapy Face, which we will send to your email

- set of 4 wooden massage elements BW Maderotherapy Face

- massage oil

- obtaining a certificate

- written documents in Czech or Slovak - please enter the language in

   label when ordering

- Contact Maderotherapy Face trainers for questions and tutorials. You will find it at the end of the training video (please report the data from the certificate before submitting the information).

Maderotherapy ONLINE training for 2 people from the salon:

- this training is intended for the second person from the salon

- can only be purchased together with the main training

- the person obtains a certificate

- Maderotherapy Face is not available for this training



Masážní olej Dr.nek Maderotherapy


Dr.nek Maderotherapy massage oil is a mixture of high-quality vegetable oils - almond and macadamia. It is suitable for massage of the whole body, face and décolleté. It is also suitable as a high quality carrier oil.

It contains a balanced ratio of healing substances with a healing ability. Dr.nek Maderotherapy massage oil has antioxidant effects, treats, regenerates and smoothes the skin. Helps care for acne skin.

It is suitable for any skin type, especially for dry, eczematous, cracked, overloaded and sunburned skin. Hydrates and regenerates very quickly and for a long time. Adds natural softness and suppleness to the skin. Soothes the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

It is very suitable for children's skin.