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Dr.nek Spray Tan - spray application tent


Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 210 mm

Fabric: Oxford 210D

Steel construction: 6 x 2 mm

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Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 210 mm

Fabric: Oxford 210D

Steel construction: 6 x 2 mm


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Dr.nek SPRAY TAN Online course + certificate + device


What is Dr. Nek Spray Tan (Sunless Tannig Spray)

Sunless Spray Tanning issaferthan taking arisk of being exposedto ultraviolet radiation. Because of the unique sprayinjection system, we can ensurepermanent covering of skin imperfections, such as pigment spots, acne, vitiligo, rosacea, scars, etc. You can also corigate the tanning intensity as you need. 


Sunless Spray Tanning is suitable for everyone who needs to get an attractive bronze appearance within a few hours. It is a perfect solution for one-time occasions, such as weddings, fashion shows, parties.

Spray tanning is carrying out by the certified staff. The manipulation with the airbrush machine is easy and safe and very effective. One sunless tanning application corresponds upto eight visits of the solarium. As a result, you get an intensive natural brown color on your skin and its effect is noticeable after three hours and darkens gradually. If the desired shade is sufficient, you can take a shower to remove the rest of color. 

The application of sunless tanning spray is safe. The active ingredient that causes a tan on the skin is DHA. Self-tanning cosmetics have a great advantage over solarium or sunbathing, it cannot cause skin burns, health problems and, last but not least, dry out the skin and thus speed up the formation of wrinkles.