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Maderotherapy Home edition

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Maderotherapy for home use is a set of specially designed wooden elements for massaging yourself, to blood supply the subcutaneous tissue and activation of the lymphatic system for the best results in the fight against cellulite and body improvement. And as a bonus, we included a proven anti-cellulite oil in the set, which will also help with overall warm-up, and last but not least, we wanted to support the lymphatic system with BW Tea LYMPHATIC tea and help with excess water in the body. Everything you need about maderotherapy and your body can be found in printed scripts, and for the simplest possible use, we have prepared a video tutorial with our trainer on how to use the Maderotherapy home edition set.

What does the maderotherapy home set contain:

• 2 rollers

• 1 spatula

• Cinnamon oil

• Lymphatic tea

• Everything packed in a wooden gift box

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Maderotherapy Home Edition


The set contains:


A wooden gift box that contains:


1) Massage ball rope

- Length including handles 107 cm, 10 balls on a string, the diameter of one ball is 4.5 cm



2) Massage roller "mallet" with a handle


- Length including handle 34 cm, width of massage part 18 cm


3) Massage spatulas


                 - Length at the center 15 cm, width at the center 5.5 cm


4) Anti-cellulite cinnamon oil


Ø Massage oil with cinnamon essential oil, which helps to warm the skin and dilate blood vessels.

Ø These effects affect cellulite removal.

Ø Suitable for thighs, buttocks and abdomen, do not use on face.

Ø Package content: 200 ml

May produce an allergic reaction.


5) Herbal lymphatic tea for drainage


6) Printed script (detailed instructions)


7) Flash drive with video guide



Beneficial effects of Maderotherapy

ü Relaxation of body and mind

ü Detoxification of the organism

ü Stimulation of the lymphatic system

ü Removal of toxins and waste products

ü Acceleration of metabolism

ü Breaking down cellulite

ü Fat burning

ü Slimming and body shaping

ü Firmer and more taut skin

ü Muscle relaxation

ü Fat burning


Who is Maderotherapy suitable for:


Maderotherapy is suitable for both women and men who want to reduce cellulite in a natural way. It is also suitable for people suffering from swelling of the lower limbs and watering of the body. It also helps greatly with weight loss. It also helps athletes regenerate and relax muscles after sports activity.


Contraindications to Maderotherapy:


Ø Poor blood clotting

Ø Varicose veins

Ø Pregnancy

Ø Skin problems (eczema, fresh scars and tattoos)

Ø Infectious viral, bacterial and oncological diseases



Just perform Maderotherapy at home?


Yes, that's enough. Both types of maderotherapy will help you turn in the fight against cellulite. Of course, it is best to combine maderotherapy, in the salon I will perform your massage by trained experts who have more types of wooden aids at their disposal, apply more pressure and thus achieve more intensive massages with a faster effect.


How often do Maderotherapy repeat at home?


You can repeat the madotherapy at home every day as needed, but ideally with an interval of 2-3 days between individual massages.


When combined with salon care twice a week, it is advisable to perform home maderotherapy always between individual treatments in the salon.


How does Maderotherapy work?

Maderotherapy (massage with wooden instruments) is a method originating from Colombia based on the use of anatomically designed wooden instruments, thanks to which the procedure is 100% natural and hypoallergenic. This technique is a natural alternative and helper for combating cellulite. The whole process works thanks to the combination and correct use of wooden massage tools with Dr.Nek heating cinnamon oil for better blood circulation under the skin and is a guarantee of the best results.



History of Maderotherapy (wood therapy, maderotherapy):


Wood therapy has been practiced for centuries in Oriental countries, where therapists have used wood mainly for medical purposes. In the 1990s, a therapist developed a new and unique method for wood therapy in Colombia, developed wood tools with a smoother surface and adapted them to their aesthetic purposes.

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