Nikey Fat Killer – podpora metabolismu bílkovin, sacharidů a tuků 60tablet/66g


Nikey Fat Killer - Fat Burner

Support your efforts with BW Pills Fat Killer. Top product with an optimal mixture of L-carnitine, green tea and chromium to support metabolism and maintain normal blood glucose. It is an extremely powerful multi-component burner (fat burner) for effective reduction of body fat.

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Nikey Fat Killer

Support of metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats

Support normal blood sugar

60 capsules

Top product with an optimal mixture of L-carnitine, green tea and chromium to support metabolism and maintain normal blood glucose. Chromium helps maintain the normal metabolism of important nutrients - proteins, carbohydrates and fats and helps maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Recommended dosage: 2 tablets per day, preferably 20 minutes before exercise

Content weight: 66 g

Not intended for children under 10 years. Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Keep out of reach of children!

Do not store above 25 ° C.

Protect from moisture and direct sunlight!

The product is not intended to be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

What is a fat killer fat burner?

Fat burners are food supplements (sports nutrition) that increase the metabolism, or metabolism, of fats. This means that they convert fats into energy, preventing their storage and helping to break them down.

At the same time, they function as such kickers and energy sources for our sports performance.

What is the principle of the fat killer?

Specifically, our fat burner, Fat Killer, works on 2 basic principles that complement each other.

The first is that, thanks to the fat burner, thermogenesis increases, ie our body heats up more - thanks to which we sweat more. This process is energy-intensive for the body and thus increases the expenditure of energy, which is obtained from fats.

The second principle is the mechanism by which lipolysis is increased, ie fat is broken down. In this case, fat stores are again more available as a source of energy, and thus they are consumed, followed by weight loss.

How to dose a fat killer fat burner?

The fat burner can be dosed in various ways.

The first option is that we use the fat burner only before a certain physical exercise - whether before training in fitness, or running, or another sports activity - always 20 - 30 minutes before the exercise itself. From the beginning, it is advisable to take 1 tablet of fat killer to burn our body to new substances. Once the body is adapting to the fat burner without any problems, the dose can be increased to 2 tablets before exercise.

The second option - if we are really in a hurry for the results - is to take a fat killer both before sports and 1 tablet in the morning and on a non-training day.

The effect on the body of fat burners fat killer?

The thermogenic Fat Killer fat burner manifests itself primarily in the fact that you will sweat more during training and you may also notice an increased heart rate.

Side effects of a fat killer fat burner?

Fat Killer is a natural product, the main components of which are L - carnitine and green tea - ie caffeine, substances that we commonly encounter in the diet; and they should not cause us any serious side effects.

However, if you have never taken any fat burners, you may experience abdominal pain or heartburn during the first doses. In this case, try drinking more of the fat burner with water. However, if the problem persists, the dosage should be adjusted or this dietary supplement (sports nutrition) must be stopped altogether.

In general, however, fat burners should not be used by children and pregnant women.

Producer: Body Wraps s.r.o., Rodopská 3150/7, 143 00 Prague 4 - Modřany

Ingredients 2 tablets: L-carnitine 500 mg (as L-carnitine tartrate), green tea extract 50 mg, filler: microcrystalline cellulose, sweeteners: sorbitol, sucralose, anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate, colorant: beta-carotene, aroma: orange, chromium ( chromium chloride) 10 μg (ie 25% of intake reference value).

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